• dallen Keever

Give them the freedom they deserve

We're going to kick off our campaign on July 4th beginning with the parade.

The kids worked hard making the float!

The float is ready!

The kids getting Bella ready for the parade

The Day we celebrate freedom. Imagine having your future free from illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer"s and all the health issues that can make getting older so miserable. Mini militants inside our bodies, called AGE's that are formed when sugar and protein combine have been discovered as the biggest cause of all those major health problems. Our goal is to keep those bad guys at bay so you don't have to suffer like that and you can have a healthy future free from diseases and aging too fast. So we're officially starting our Age factor campaign and measuring the age inside your body based on the number of AGE's detected with our AGE scanner. We'll show what you're up against, how to lower your AGE's using the proper weapons and help you win the battle of the AGE's. If youre a kid it's important to start healthy habits now while you're young. For grownups it might be more challenging but it's never too late and you can set a great example for our younger generation.


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