Our awesome 3 gen team


Meet our 3 generation team

Ken, (grandpa) 80, a Certified Scanning Technician and his 79 year old bride of 60 years both have the amount of AGE's compared to a 60 year old and neither rely on any medications to be active and feel great. They've raised 10 kids and are grandparents to over 100, including greats and great greats. 





Charissa, (daughter) a busy mom of 8 and Certified Scanning Technician has studied health and nutrition for more than 20 years while raising kids and feeding her family of 10, which is no simple feat!  After becoming intrigued by the science of AGE's, she convinced Grandpa that they needed the AGE scanner. While mom's chronological age is over 40, she proudly reveals she has the amount of AGE's as a 25 year old. 




Dallen, (grandson) is a brilliant 15 year old health nut with amount of AGE's as a 9 year old. He's member of the National Honor Society, loves science and plays Lacrosse. He created the Age factor website at age 11, hence the young looking picture. He's one sharp sugar cookie! 



What we're about and why

As our kids mature will they suffer from aches, pains, diabetes and many other health concerns so prevalant today? Not if we can help it! You see, rather than being a result of aging, these problems are actually a result of AGE's, toxic byproducts from sugar. Research proves AGE's affect everyone whether or not you dodge the sugary sweets and they're a major factor in every health concern, more so than any other factors. There's absolutely no way around the little sugar mutants but instrument called an AGE scanner detects the average amount that's in your body. Knowledge is power! Confronting this enemy allows you to know what you're up against so you can effectively defeat those villains and control how you age, prevent and even manage existing health issues naturally.


As we put our AGE scanner to good use we discovered many were apprehensive to try it, perhaps the concept is too new. But we found that kids seemed quite intrigued by the concept and also that many of them had high AGE levels, particularly those taking medications regularly.


After such an event the idea was conceived that our 3 gen team would scan and calculate the average AGE levels of kids. Will it show how the lifestyle and habits of our young people might affect their future health and how they'll age? Would it reveal an increasing trend of chronic health issues for the future. Perhaps it would raise awareness to help prevent the latter.


As our trio began this scanning project in the homes of those kind enough to allow us in, we'd give a simple and brief description of this new science and explain healthy habits there were times afterwards we'd notice kids going to nibble on some fresh fruit or veggies which revealed to us the avid interest among our young folk in being healthy.  There were many questions and we also  needed a way to keep others updated on our findings, so these elements came together generating our brain child "The AGE factor". 


Our mission is to increase awareness of evil AGE's and help change people's thinking, habits and quality of life. We would also like to discover the average AGE levels of kids 18 and under. Why allow our rising generation to suffer when we can do something about it!  Who wants a healthier future?



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