For Kids
AGE's are actually quite simple. All they are is sugar and protein mixed together.
You probably already know this, but sugar is the ingredient that makes your treats so sweet, sticky, and fun to eat.
Watch the video or read below to help you better understand the AGE process!

The truth about sugar...

The facts revealed...

Sugar...Who doesn't love the stuff? It brings a smile to faces everywhere! The problem, sugar disguises itself as a harmless friend, but when sugar joins with protein, they mutate into evil AGE's, quickly becoming an enemy!

AGE's...they're unknown by many but silently affecting everyone. Those unfriendly sugar mutants are secretly forming inside your body and come at you from every direction in the foods you eat, so keeping the sweets away won't keep those micro meanies away. You're body has an awesome defense that destroys those harmful invaders, but sometimes you get too many making them harder to fight. 

Those mini militants will join together and attack every part of your body from the inside out, resulting in casualties with damage to your organs like your heart and brain, even your skin. AGE's will make you get older faster with lots of wrinkles. Things could get messy!

There's no hiding from sugary AGE's but you're never too young (or old) to use powerful weapons and armor to keep those bad guys away.

You need to:

-eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

-get plenty of exercise

-get plenty of sleep and

-stay away from harmful substances (like tobacco and drugs).

And remember... AGE's are real and sugar is a traitor! Don't be deceived and eat too much. You only have one body and it's your duty to protect it from deadly AGE's so you can stay young and healthy. Join the fight to discover your AGE's.