An opportunity for a healthier future!

Sugar bonds with protein to form little mutants that attack your healthy cells. They affect everyone but don't worry, there's light at the end of the tunnel

Sugar Filled AGE's

Kids grow like weeds! We all know that statement's more true than trite. But how will they age...with vitality or disease? 

Well it all boils down to SUGAR... that hard to resist goodness that gives delish to every dish. Sugar is a double-edged sword that precipitates faster aging and is linked to every major health issue from heart and kidney disease to diabetes and memory problems like dementia. You see, that yummy goodness bonds with proteins and form these microscopic villains called Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGE's, what a fitting acronym. Naturally your body's defense gets rid of these microscopic invaders, but if left unchecked they accumulate, join forces and cause devastation to healthy tissue, cells, and organs resulting in casualties from the inside out. They're proven to be the main culprit to almost every serious health concern we face today, more so than any other dietary factor.

Do you stay away from sugar? Well the problem is these villains are not only formed inside your body from the sweet stuff but everything you eat contains those sugary byproducts called AGE's. So AGE's affect everyone...that doesn't live on a diet of ice cubes! 

The light at the end of the tunnel is that most of the top  health issues are both fixable and preventable. The amount of toxic AGE's in your body can be measured using an AGE reader which may reveal your risk for chronic diseases. then it's up to you to take steps to lower or maintain your AGE's to greatly reduce the risk and effects of premature aging and all major health concerns before it's too late, then defeat, although accepting the reality is half the battle. how would you like to know your true age?

So back to our kids...

Now that you know about those pesky insurgents recently discovered and traced to every illness, do you wonder what our children are up against? How will our rising generation age? 


We're supplying them with the proper weapons and hoping to increase awareness to help them obliterate chronic illnesses and give our kids a fighting chance for a healthy future. You can help!