Will the sweets I ate the previous night affect my AGE reading?

AGE formation is a process that happens in a matter of days and weeks. So eating sweets the night before should not cause much of a change in the TruAge value.   


Can a little kid's body really be older than an adult's?

A child may have a higher AGE reading than an adult, but their body's still growing and regenerating, so they may not be susceptble to the negative effects of AGE's until their body reaches maturity. Learning healthy habits and keeping AGE's in check while they're young is still very important to allow them the opportunity for a vibrant healthy life as they get older. It's like a brand new expensive sports car. Would you fill it with low quality gas or not maintain it properly? It may not have an immediate effect but as the car ages it won't look and run as well or as long as if it had been given the best gas and maintenance and would most likely need more repairs. 


What are the serious health concerns caused by higher AGE's?

AGE's are little meanies! Besides making our skin wrinkly and saggy, they've been proven to contribute more than any other dietary factors to every serious health concern we face today including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer's, kidney function, blood sugar levels, joint health, memory function, vision impairment, inflammation, hypertension, heart disease, dementia, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis, and periodontal disease. Researchers have even discovered a potential link between AGE's and cancer.


How can medications contribute to a higher AGE reading if AGE's are from sugar?

When you put any chemical into your body such as that in medications, although they seem to have no side affects, it may alter how your body processes sugars and nutrients, thus creating more harmful AGE's. Those taking medications need to take extra care of their health to avoid AGE accumulation. Having your AGE's checked again sometime after stopping a medication may result in a lower reading.


Why haven't more people heard of AGE's if they're so harmful?

Great question! The study of AGE's and the TruAge scanner are at the forefront of technology and discovery, and this is a big big world, although the news of these bad guys are finally hitting the mainstream. In fact, some hospitals are now using AGE's as a medical marker in detecting certain diseases and thousands of articles have been published. You can check it out here! Wouldn't it be great if one day the amount of AGE's in food were listed on our food labels? Perhaps they will if we bring enough awareness to the subject.












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